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New Jersey Region 1
Symphonic Winds 2024
Intermediate Band, grades 7-9

Mt. Olive Middle School & West Orange HS

   FEB. 26  Monday, 4pm-8pm MOMS

   FEB. 28  Wednesday, 4pm-8pm  MOMS

   MARCH 5 Tuesday, 4pm-8pm  MOMS

   MARCH 8 Friday, 4pm-8pm  @WOHS

   MARCH 9 Saturday 12pm-5pm  MOMS


   MARCH 10 Sunday  3pm   MOMS



Region 1 Intermediate Band, grades 7-9

Star Spangled Banner - arr. by Mark WIlliams

Exordium - James Swearingen

Rejoicing Sounds - Laurie J. Kunzle

Wind Song - Robert W. Smith

West Side Story - Leonard Bernstein/Bocook

Danse Carnivale - Randall D. Standridge

Symphonic Winds Conductor, Laurie J. Kunzle

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